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Pelvic Floor + Core at A2 Physical Therapy

Do you pee a little during your workouts? Are you terrified of jumping jacks or jump rope or box jumps or just jumping? Do you avoid running because you might leak?

Maybe it’s not a leaking issue—maybe it’s feeling heavy “down there” after a workout, or a walk, or just being on your feet all day. Maybe you’re not quite sure what’s going on but it’s not how it used to be.

Maybe your core just isn’t the same after having a baby.

Maybe high school sex ed just didn’t cut it and you want to know more about your body.

If you relate to anything I just said, join us for this workshop, because we’re gonna cover all that, and more.

We’ll talk about:

  • The pelvic floor: what it is and what it does

  • The core—in detail!

  • What to do about leaking

  • What normal bladder and bowel habits look like

  • How to use your pelvic floor during exercise & daily life

  • How to lessen pain with sex

  • And more!

We’ll incorporate pelvic floor and core exercises throughout the workshop to give you some real-time feedback so your body learns how to incorporate the pelvic floor with movement throughout the day. There will be time for Q&A too!

This is a workshop for you no matter what your exercise and fitness background. It will also be full of incredible information for personal trainers, yoga or pilates teachers, and orthopedic physical therapists who want a little deeper focus on local core activation for your clients.

Ready to join? Sign up at http://bit.ly/A2PelvicFloor


Open to all self-identifying women.

$15 to join, all proceeds donated to YWCA.

6-8 pm on Thursday, Sept 19

A2 Physical Therapy

3819 6th Ave in Tacoma 

Questions? Hit me up!